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18. ledna 2015 v 13:48 | Sůvě z planety X |  English Evenings Challenge
Hi Guys!
Sorry for nothing-do-time. I'm very bussy Owlet. But now I' m going to speak about my English sense. Yes, I have a English sense. Because, I'm not languages-owl. I must be hard working and learn, learn, learn. My knowledges are with difficulty obtained. I have to still learn. And what I doing?

I go to "Levné knihy" and buy some English book. It's very cheap. The book costs about 70 Kč. I go home and sit on a armchair. I have god small dictionary, book, pencil and mobile on my table. That's all. Now, I open new book ... hmmm it smells good ... and open first page, I'm reading: "London after midnight - there are no stars; a lid of cloud ...". What's the "lid"? I open my small dictionary ... J ... K ... L ...Li ... Lid is "poklička, víko, víčko". And I write this word to my dictionary notebook (you know it, notebook with three colorfuly columns - cizí slovo / výslovnost / překlad). And that is all. It's very easy, it isn't?

I read one book per month. This time I have readed two books: Artistic Licence by Katie Ford and The Black Tulip by LAuren Willing. Now, I read Adept Ex Machina by Robert Finn. English books are very helpful. You have to constantly thing about English, you have to use this language. When you don't like English or another languages, you have to think ... yes think. I don't know words. And the sentences are very difficult. I have to think about "how to translate this sentence" it must be meaningful. You need to use the Czech language. Sometimes I must thinking about one sentece around a few tens of minutes. I know words, but this sentence isn't meaningful. Sometimes is this very hard. But when I have readed book ... ahhhh this feeling "I'm boss" yeah!

When you don't like reading, because it's very boring ... try read English book. It's better. And you must use your brain and you must constantly use words and thus you learn them.

Lots of Englis sense ...
See you soon ... your Owlet

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1 Veki Veki | E-mail | Web | 18. ledna 2015 v 22:06 | Reagovat

Last week I saw in "Levne knihy" some bilingual books (Czech - English) - stories of Sherlock Holmes. I didn't buy them but I am still thinking about it.

You're right. Reading of English books is very helpful when people want to improve their language skills.
And the second helpful thing is conversation. I miss conversation lessons. :-( My teacher came back to the USA.

2 Admin Admin | Web | 19. ledna 2015 v 13:16 | Reagovat

It's pity. I don't have a conversation, but this lessons are very boring (in our school)

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