English Evenings Challenge 4. 1. 2015

4. ledna 2015 v 19:26 | Sůvě z planety X |  English Evenings Challenge

Hi guys,
yeah I'm writing in English language ... WHY? It's easy. Some time has bloggers a good idea (yeah, blogger, not owl - or owlet ) and Kiara had it. She invented challenge. It's very easy (I did say it, didn't I?). But i must get angry, because I'd not invited it before Kiara (is this sentence meaningful?). I'll (maybe) write a small article in English. And "what co gou" (LoL :D crazy owlet)?! It could be anything. Sometimes about my life, about my pet, about my ... batty ideas.

I'm very sorry. I can't write witout mistakes and grammatical errors. It's me and my inside world. I probably mean, I'm "Englishowl", but my claws are very restive :D

Hey, and now ... my life (ohhh yes *bad owlish-evil laugh* ). I'm going to write a big German exam. I hate German, but i must learn it. I can't speak or write in German. And I write - first school day - exam! my future is bad ... no my future is worse ... NO! I haven't future.

I'm very scary. It's difficult. I want learn German, but I'll never know German. My great-grandma was be a German, my grandmas name is "Inge", my mothers name is "Inge" (her one-time teacher called her "Ingelora" :D). It's very funny. I have god German kin and my grandma, mother, me and my sisters cann't speak German!

My legs are like jelly. I'm very nervous. In this days I'm going to write three big exams four tests, and two testings. Ohhh!My head, my head I don't want it! I'm very busy Owlet.

Really sorry for mistakes. And I wish you a peaceful night :D


Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Kiara Kiara | Web | 4. ledna 2015 v 21:19 | Reagovat

Very nice article! I wish you good luck with the German exam and also with the others test. Surely you will be successful :)

PS: Chyba je opravena, už jsi zase sůvětem. Moc se ti omlouvám :)

2 Iris V. Iris V. | E-mail | Web | 8. ledna 2015 v 17:49 | Reagovat

I like this English-writing challenge. I might participate one day too... :-)
I don't study German. Before the 3rd grade (tercie) I could pick a language I wanted to study and I chose Spanish, because I don't like German and French is too complicated to me.
I might have some German ancestors too (maybe in the great history of our family).
My grandpa was Hungarian and I'm really glad I don't have to study his language. It sounds cool but, honestly, it's difficult to learn.
Inge is a great name! I don't like German language but I do love most of the German names (weird, oh yes).
My school week is also very busy. We wrote a physics exam on Wednesday and I'm really glad I didn't fail it as usually. :-D I hope you managed to write all of your exams as well.
So, good luck! Looking forward to read your next articles, Owlet :-)

3 Sůvě z planety X Sůvě z planety X | E-mail | Web | 10. ledna 2015 v 18:22 | Reagovat

[1]: Díky a vůbec se nic nestalo :)

[2]: Thanks :3

4 Veki Veki | E-mail | Web | 18. ledna 2015 v 21:55 | Reagovat

I was learning German for 4 years. And I am so happy now! I speak German really bad, I write German really bad, but I am able to read in it. And it is very useful beause lots of my study literature is in German.
I wish you good luck! And remember: each foreign language you can use in your future!

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