As it's "cool"? Seriously?!

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Hi guys!
I must react to the article on the homepage of It's about self-harm. I'm not John Watson, Carl Gustav Jung or Alfred Adler, but I have common sense. Hey! "Self-harm is cool!" ... What Is It?! What's this mean! Guys, please ... have a crack at use your brain! When someone has sayd you ... I cut it, because I want to be "in" ... he / she probably lied. Because the cut is painful and we have got self-preservation ... so he / she has got some snag, psychical snag.

At this time isn't it bad. More and more people have problems with the psyche. In the near past, it took otherwise. People thought that you have got psychological problem you're strange, because this problem isn't a disease. But now, this problems're very frequent maladies.

Some people who practice self- harm have exactly this problem ... psychological problem. They "must do it", because their soul is hollow. They compensante for the emptiness, what is hidden in them. It's difficult, I know. They seek pain. But sometimes, they have got some hang-up (they're fat, unpopular or they have got some family-problems). And they ashamed of "what they do". They think the company wount accept them ... that world 'll think they're strange. But we're not in the Middle-Age. Please, don't distribute it ... this isn't "cool" and "in". Even "they" do not ... It's only a defensive pose ... they shout "I'm a normal! I don't have a problem! I can normally included in the team!". But you have to hear their inner voice, asking for help. You have to use a common-sense. You have to use your brain.

This people need an expert. I have to say it again ... psychycal problems are very grave problems. They are normal maladies in this time. Please, do not ignore it. Please, do not believe ... "they" need help.

I wish you a nice evening and good health ...


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